Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ideology and Indentiy Inventory

I had learned a few things about myself after taking the ideology quiz and reading the horoscope.  One was that I am pretty close in score with all three aspects in the horoscope but my lowest number was sided with C which was Critical Youth Development.  My scores were 14-A, 12-B, and 10-C.  Which in my eyes are pretty close and I think I have a little of all three aspects in me but predominantly I am C.  I also learned that I didn't put a 1 next to the answer that went along side with C all the time.  I thought after reading the horoscope before taking the quiz I was going to be a B but ended up being C.  I put a 1 next the statement that went along with C four times and B once and A once.  I feel this describes me well but I would like to try and use all three aspects as best I can because each youth is different and to meet them where they are at might mean I am using the risk, resiliency and prevention piece for that one child and then the next one could be positive youth development and another child I might be in the critical youth development.  But getting a balance of all three is good to have.  I think most of the students in our class regardless of the score they get will have a balance of all three and their scores will reflect that.  Knowing all of you in class I would think that we have the knowledge and the mindset to want to have all three and balance them out in our youth work. 

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  1. Thats awesome Michael! I actually disagree however, because I do not agree with the risk resiliency at all!! I don't believe in focusing on preventing negative things, but instead focusing on making positive things happen!